Band & Orchestra Rentals

Though we do not do traditional school instrument rental, we offer a very aggressive purchase with guaranteed buy-back plan.  The plan applies to new and used instruments and saves hundreds of dollars over traditional rent-to-own programs!  Call for more details!

Guitar & Other Fretted Instrument Repairs

PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION: $50.00 plus a set of strings. The ultimate experience in electric guitar or bass playability. Imagine your electric guitar playing with the ease you may have only dreamed of. Each instrument is analyzed and evaluated to determine the unique course of actions necessary to significantly improve instrument playability; then engineering expertise, skill and craftsmanship are combined to transform your instrument into a marvel of playability perfection.

Pickup REPLACEMENT: $35.00 first pickup, $15.00 each additional + Price of Pickup.

Custom Modification (Active and Passive): by Quotation.

Wiring Upgrade and Cavity Faraday Shielding: by Quotation.

FRET: Fret Level Crown and Dress: Starting at $100.00: Some frets may require replacement in which case additional charges or $15.00/fret may be required.

NECK REPLACMENT: Starting at $60.00 For Bolt-0n Neck + Price Of Neck, :Service includes removal of old neck and Aligning and installing the new neck. Other factors may need addressed optimize instrument playability such as setup, fret leveling, nut, saddle, tuner or bridge area work.

PICK GUARD REPLACEMENT: $40.00(Strat/Tele/SG style) $20.00 (Gibson Les Paul Style) + price of Pick Guard― Service includes removal of old pick guard and installation of the new.

RE-STRING 4 String Instruments: Bass: $15.00 + Strings: Service includes old string removal, clean and if applicable condition fret board and bridge, install strings, and tune.

RE-STRING 6 String Instruments: Guitar $20.00 + Strings: Service includes old string removal, clean and if applicable condition fret board and bridge, install strings and tune.

RE-STRING 12 String Guitar: $25.00 + Strings: Service includes old string removal clean and if applicable, condition fret board and bridge, string installation and tune.

SETUP: Professional: $60.00 + Strings : Service includes a general inspection/evaluation; neck truss rode lube and adjustment; reset bolt-on neck, adjustment of action at both the nut (radius and slot depth) and saddle; tighten loose screws and nuts; clean nut slots, saddle and fret board; clean and condition fret board and bridge; clean exterior, vacuum interior (hollow and semi hollow bodies), restring, tune and check and set intonation.




SETUP: TRUSS ROD: Adjustment: $20.00

STRAP BUTTON INSTALLATION: $10.00/+Button: Locate optimum non-breakout point that allows optimum guitar “handling” control and comfort.

TUNERS: Replace Tuners: Starting at $40.00 + Price of Tuners and New Strings: Service includes removal of existing tuners, and installation of replacements (hole ID may need enlarged). Filling of existing screw holes and touch-up additional $30.00


Diagnostic Service of Electronics $25.00 :Amount will apply to repair.

Volume or Tone Control Potentiometer REPLACEMENT: $25.00 + Pot.

Selector Switch REPLACEMENT: $30.00 + Price of Switch.

Output Jack REPLACEMENT $20.00 + Price of Jack.

Band Instrument Repairs

Arkansas Musicworks works with Independent Band Repair in Fayetteville to provide the area with the finest Band Instrument repair in the area!

Minor adjustments can often be done on-site right away. Loaners are available for your use while you instrument is in the shop!